This comic kind of served a dual purpose as both a rebirth of the Mission Mini-Comix brand and a manifesto of what we’re all about. It shall serve as our guiding light, our magna carta, our Five Year Plan. You shall not know us by any trail of dead (unless it be of your own broken dreams) for we have labored hard over the past decade or so to leave but the scarcest imprint with our esoteric ephemera. In fact, the members of mission minis have eked out a certain aura of bitter pride in being so underground that the molemen themselves be asking us for directions.

Which makes it a very weird feeling to get letters like the following one:

I want to be part of your organization
hey my name is elan %#*!&^@. you can check out my pen drawings and an
exceprt of my science fiction novella on my facebook which is %#*!&^@.
i ran into a guy i think went by rio when i first started
selling art on the street in the city about six or seven years ago, or
possibly even longer, and he was one of the reasons i started to
progress as a street artist. i lost his comic tho. i am pretty sure
the comic which is most likely called maximum obscurity that i was
handed on the street for free the other day is by the same artist. the
content was amazing. it’s so funny and relevant, with teh same
masterful characters and backgrounds. and the format is killer. i have
progressed as a street artist, and i feel alienated everyday,and my
life is so hard, and i’m on this mission to eventually acheive a
balance, where i can make a living and do my art and not be hated on,
and i’m wonderign if you guys are doing the same thing? do you live
together? can we start a cooperative? travel? set up stands? i’m tired
of being alone, can i join your organization? my art is pure, and i
hate yuppies! jk lol i hope to hear from you guys. =)@gmail and
faceboook -sinceraly, elan %#*!&^@

Damn… must be fucking… allergy season… or maybe someone’s cutting up a butt load of onions in here! …
All kidding aside, it’s actually great to be getting so many responses to our comix lately (even the negative letters! For it is only through angry responses that we know we have fulfilled our mission requirement of offensive obnoxiousness) and its particularly gratifying to know that we played a role in anyones artistic evolution. What we do often seems like a quixotic tilting at windmills of our own devising, getting literally quarters of compensation for the hours we invest enduring the elements and the general cold of the non-comic caring public to hawk our wares (not to mention the many more hours it takes with backs hunched and eyes squinted to do the actual drawings). Hopefully you’ll be seeing some of Elan’s cartoon contributions in some of the future issues of mission mini comix as our ranks swell with the disenfranchised, the disillusioned, and the comically insane.

Oh, yeah… Mikey drew the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th pages / panels and I drew the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th ones.

Do you feel like you have a better understanding of the method behind the madness of Mission Mini-Comix from reading this comic?

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