For those of you that don’t know, don’t worry about it.

For those of you that do know, I felt kinda weird about putting this up, but ultimately decided that I should post it as sort of a lesson.  The pain and the sorrow are mine.  This is what I have.  It could have been a million things more positive or a cool-ass collaborative project, but no, just my panel in this minibook that I guess Rio will post in full later.  If it makes anybody look like an asshole it’s me anyways.  It’s come back to haunt me at least twice already.  The first time was within a month when Thom threw my words back in my face when I hooked-up with Steph. The second time should be obvious, and my own hypocrisy and having people worry about me can ride along side that. The minibook was originally us trying to work out some frustrations at the time, artistically, which was good in theory but in retrospect seems sorta petty.  We didn’t make a huge amount of copies, because it wasn’t about spreading drama, just working out issues.  I just would have liked to have material that was more even handed, and some more cool stuff that was collaborative. Just remember art can hurt or heal but the best stuff does both like a demented surgeon.  This is what I’m left with and I think about it and the ways we failed each other all the time. Fuck the fake shit.  The other material is like 5 years or so earlier and I guess it’s a little happier.  The crowd scene was a show at St. Mary’s rec center, and I’m sure you can figure out who most of the people are.