This second installment of the Mission Mini-Comix curse was a little more recent… and hit a little closer to home.

Proposition L sought (and succeeded) to make sitting or lying down on the side walk in San Francisco illegal between the hours of 7am to 11pm. This was all just a pretty blatant attempt to crap on the homeless based on the utterly yuppie assumption that if you can stop people from sleeping on the streets you’re some how doing something about the homeless problem.

Now, not only do we have a number of friends who are homeless, but the whole Mission Mini-Comix financial model involves a fairly intensive amount of street loitering… The merchants of the Haight Ashbury commerce corridor may have thought they were just pissing on the street kids who had naively come to San Francisco to mooch off of a little of that “free love” they were basically half a century too late for, but they made a powerful enemy when they crossed Mission Mini-Comix.

But apparently not, because, as usual, San Francisco as a whole once again decided to vote squarely against our recommendations and they’re own enlightened self interest and passed yet another case of draconian gentrification legislation…


Tune in tomorrow, when we unveil our latest stand for the down trodden and get a chance to predict if this latest attempt to influence San Francisco will meet as ignominious a fate as all of our others.

Oh yeah, this latest comic was drawn all by Mikey, except for the two panel spread at the bottom that was drawn by me.

Edit: I almost forgot my most amusing anecdote concerning this comic! As me and Mike were handing out this comic on the corner of 24th and Valencia a couple days before the election, one lady who I had just handed the comic to stopped and after reading a couple pages came back and apologetically said “Oh, I think I’m going to be voting FOR this…” and then she leaned in conspiratorially and put her hand up and whispered “I just don’t really like Homeless People…” She was a youngish 20 or 30 something blonde but the manner she said it was in a kind of “I know it’s an unpopular view point to express, but you know what I’m talking about, right?” I don’t know what I was more insulted by, her abhorrent attitude towards those less unfortunate than her or the fact she thought I’d sympathize with her viewpoint.