Being the upright citizens we are, we often try to use the great power of Mission Mini-Comix in a responsible manner by weighing in on the grand issues of the day. Being the proud S.F. natives that we are, the great issues of the day often hit closer to home and involve the continued struggle between those who would make San Francisco a gilded pleasure dome for the idle and those who prefer to savor the flavor of a sustainable multi-faceted urban community.

Unfortunately, every time we weigh in on an issue, our cause célèbre ends up failing big time… Or succeeding in those situations where we be hating… And usually we be hating.

It’s become almost comical, and we often joke about “The Mission Mini-Comix Curse” Maybe we should sell our services to badmouth causes that people want to succeed or something… I dunno.

Alright, so the year is 2002… Willie Brown is just about to wrap up an 8 year stint as gentrifier in chief in S.F.’s Mayors office and his hand picked successor is trying to make a name for himself by doing what S.F. politician’s have done since the dawn of man: Come up with some draconian plan to end the homeless problem in S.F. by making it harder and harder for homeless people to get by. Gavin Newsom unveils Proposition N, or “Care not Cash” as he cynically named it. Basically it took the majority of money out of hard up folks GA checks and promised to spend it on housing for the chronically homeless instead. Most of this ended up being SRO housing, so it just ended up taking a bunch of SRO dwellers, kicking them out on the street and forcing people to give their GA checks to slum lords instead… If anyone still wants to seriously debate it’s efficacy as a program they need only look at the current state of homelessness in San Francisco to see that Proposition N didn’t accomplish shit.

“Newsom proudly said that the city homeless caseloads under Care Not Cash have declined 87%, even after admitting that two or three new homeless persons come to San Francisco for each homeless person that gets off the streets.”

– I demand to see Gavin Newsom’s high school math transcripts! I guess I could solve the over population problem too if I just stopped counting people who were born… Jackass.

Stay tuned this week as I update a couple more of the heinous acts we’ve failed at stopping, ending on Friday with our latest target… who given our track record will probably end up being mayor one day!

Oh yeah, I drew the cover and the 6th and 7th pages, Antonio drew the 2nd page, Jason drew the 3rd page, Chuck drew the 4th and 5th pages, and Mikey drew the 8th page.