After nearly a decade, I thought it would be fun to revisit good old Jose Bastaz and his existentially ominous pal, and let me tell you! The years have been good to old man Bastaz!

Sure, his antenna may have morphed from a pinwheel into some kind of flower, and the margin patrol is still on his patrol for some sloppy lay-outing on the part of yours truly, but with he seems to have flourished in other ways. Seriously, in his first appearance he really just spoke Spanish, but now he’s mastered a new dialect and finally grew some cojones to stand up and fight back against that dastardly ducky. Well, hell, I liked it… Don’t go effusing all up over here all at once.

I don’t know, would anyone want to see more of Jose Bastaz in the future?

Any interest in a Jose Bastaz solo book?

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Oh yeah, I drew the first, fourth and 8th panels, Mikey drew the second and seventh (as well as the margin patrol on the 5th), “Kate Silver” drew the third panel, Boydy drew the 5th, and “W.A. Silver” drew the 6th.