The Mission Mini-Comic Curse Pt III: 

The last chapter of the Mission Mini Comic curse has yet to be be written. Only time will tell if another smarmy douche bag with a “plan” for San Francisco’s homeless will be elected mayor. I don’t know if Scott Wiener even wants to become mayor… He came by my house last November though, when he was running for Supervisor of District 8. He seemed nice enough too, but after reading his position on various issues I eventually had to vote for my man Mandelman.

The point is, we’re sick of politicians trying to raise their political fortunes by scapegoating the less fortunate and the politically underprivileged. Yeah, and I’ve considered the fact that maybe we’re not the greatest messengers to best win over the political mainstream to our cause. Maybe the curse of Mission Mini-Comix is self inflicted… Maybe we’re just a little too puerile, offensive and depressing in our tone and turn off more people than we turn on.

But we never said we were the heros the Mission deserves… Or even the heros that the Mission particularly wants… But were the ones you get, bitches! Nyah! ;P

All panels by Mikey, except the fourth and the seventh were by me.

Will Scott Wiener become mayor one day?

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