The following Text is from Mikey:

I’m starting a thing where we refry some of the minis that never quite made it.  I think it’ll be good for us to go back and finish comics from 5 years ago, but there’s not that many.  Sometimes just taking a kernel from something is all you need to grow a field, metaphorically.  And most of the old comics were sound, I just fell into fallow state myself.  To faded out to work on group projects or anything.  You can see for yourself the difference in my panels from now and then, and even though I was fucked up on drugs at the time, I didn’t print the comic because I knew my panels weren’t up to my standards.  It was like drawing night was established enough and mission mini comix was enough of a thing that the other kids involved in this book started it all on their own and were organized and coherent, and I dropped the ball.  I’d like to give a shout out to Jesh, wherever the fuck you are, your stuff in this book was good and I’m my bad I was so low…Anyways if you see this drop me a line, it’d be tight to draw with you and dooks(spells weird) again. The other kids who worked on this I don’t remember their names, they might have been friends of Boydys, but their stuff was good though.  The devil girl with the Manson quote was a little off topic, but I liked it, so it got left in.  Back in those days, continuity was kinda fucked anyways.  One things for sure though, Yuppies are easily identifiable, but we need to define Hipsters a little more, cuz now there’s all kinds of them and we’re always talking mad smack about them.