Not one of the most cohesive efforts on our part, but fuck man… It wasn’t meant to be!

This, I think, will be the first Mission Mini intended to spawn sequels… As there is all kinds of funny jokes you can make about people dying. And yet, birth is kind of boring and uninspiring… weird.

So I’ve been super busy building websites for other folks and creating a new website for my own portfolio… It’s still a work in progress, but kind of exhausting trying to put it all together. I hope to getting on a quicker schedule of turning out the comix on this site and improving the layout in the weeks ahead. Until then, you all better bear the fuck with me…

Mike: So I misspelled Donner party.  Yeah I spell checked it, so I guess it was just a giant brain fart.  Whoops.  Otherwise it’s looking good and all.  The panel on the back page took me way to long to pull off.  Vrboosh is SO an alien saucer deathray sound effect. I guess it’s also noteworthy that Antonio has like two panels in this comic and then none in helluv other mini’s.  What the fuck.  I think this is the first mini Audrey contributed a panel to but I’m not sure.  Cults Suck was posted first but that just could have been an anachronism.  It’s not like we’re the most organized organization in the world.  Ah-iyght.