This comic was written entirely by “Kate Silver” (who also drew the cover), which greatly aided it in being a super successful comic. Some great jokes were added in by Antonio and Audrey on their panels, although Kate’s writing hits all the right notes in it’s wink and a nudge version of childlike whimsy. My panels came out a little dark maybe… About half way into drawing MLK’s neck wound I started feeling like I was even offending myself a little bit. Oh well, fuck me if I can’t take a joke, right?

Although we finished this comic a number of weeks ago, I wanted to highlight this week, because we (well, me, Mike and Audrey) went to an (unoffical of course) Occupy SF brainstorming event at good buddy, Mission Mini Comic compatriot, and Alemany Farm collaborator, Antonio Roman’s garage. We had all been following the current events sweeping the nation with a lot of enthusiasm, and had been looking for a way to participate that wouldn’t actually involve camping out on the sidewalk. The whole meeting was very inspiring, and made us think we could be using our great powers with greater responsibility to support the OWS movement and educate more people about the issues Occupy Wall Street represents.

So hopefully in the next couple weeks you’ll be seeing a lot more comix with a political bent like this one; about issues like Citizen’s United, the Glass-Steigall Act, and other issues of import to the 99%.

Mikey: This comic was different than some of our other minis since Kate wrote it out. My general feeling is that I’m not that into just illustrating other people’s writing unless I really like it. The classic coffee shop comment if you’re a cartoonist is somebody wanting you to illustrate their 300 page crappy graphic novel. So normally, I’m like Urk. But especially in minis if the person writing the narrrative also draws a little, like Sandra did the cover, that’s better. The point is, the writing in this mini was good, the narrative flow kept it together, and made a real cohesive mini. Go team.

Oh yeah, the cover of this comic was drawn by “Kate Silver”, the second and 7th panels were drawn by Mikey, the 3rd and 8th panels were drawn by Audrey, the fourth panel was drawn by Antonio, and the 5th and 6th panels were drawn by me.