So, we are working on a number of ideas for a good mini comic along the themes of Occupy Wall Street, but until then I wanted to provide some comix for the week to hold you over until we come out with the 1% hating goodness.

This comic was actually the first Mission Mini-Comix made since me and Mike took on the Mission Mini-Comix moniker from Chubby, and I think the first classic collaboration style Mission Mini Comic ever. It was back in the fall of 2000, and me, Mike and our brother-from-another-mother JP had just moved in to little apartment above an autobody shop on the corner of Mission and 16th Street. I forget now what the organized thinking of it was, or if it happened any way other than organically, but we started having these crazy “drawing nights” where we and our friends would all start drawing random subjects and adding on to them in any way we saw fit. The art in this one is a little subpar compared to where we are today, but this comic will always have a fond place in my heart.

Jason Storm drew the cover and the fifth panel, Mikey drew the second and sixth panels, I drew the 3rd, 7th and last panel and Tyson drew the fourth panel.