The 5th of November may have passed, but it’s never to late to get your money out of the greedy “too big to fail” super banks and into a Credit Union!

Audrey wrote the text for this, the third (but not last!) in our series of Occupy Wall Street themed mini-comix. This is probably the biggest action item we could espouse, and I think one of the greatest success stories of the Occupy movement so far. Between September 29th and November 2nd, 600,000 thousand people moved almost 4.5 billion dollars from traditional commercial banks to credit unions as part of the Bank Transfer Day movement (which they say on their facebook page is not related to the Occupy movement at all, but come on… They’re at the very least two closely aligned realizations of the zeitgeist). Banks tried to shrug this off, but the loss of customers is often credited with causing Bank of America and other banks to rethink their whole debit card fee scams. In a very real way, these big banks use our own money to lobby the government against our own best interests, so pulling out our money is an important step to break their chokehold on the American political system.

Now even some cities are considering moving their funds from commercial banks to credit unions or more local banks. Banks may be able to act like they don’t care when individuals move their money, but I bet they’d be singing a different tune if cities were moving millions of dollars out of their feeding troughs. Encourage your city to consider making the move, or even to open a local Municipal Bank!

And even if you haven’t moved your money yet, you can still put the hurt to banks in the only way they understand by switching to a credit union today!

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Oh yeah, this comic was written by Audrey, who also drew the cover, 6th and 7th pages, Mikey drew the 2nd, 3rd and 8th pages, and I drew the 5th and 6th pages.