So this comic is more in the grand old tradition of Mission Mini-Comix, a puerile and offensive comic that brings the yuks along with the yucks. But I didn’t want this piece showing up in the middle of our Occupy Comix run, so I devised a cunning plan (actually Audrey suggested it). I back dated this comic so only those in the know would know, and everyone reading the Occupy Comix could keep on hitting the back button and be able to read the whole run without seeing any bleeding chipmunk fetuses.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (is there?)

After Happy Bunny and the Magic Rock, this marks our second Happy Bunny comic. Audrey (the creator of Happy Bunny) wanted to do a trilogy of these books, but me and Mikey were thinking it makes sense to squeeze this hapless woodland creature until every last drop of comedy is extracted from it’s lifeless husk.

What’s next in store for Happy Bunny? Happy Bunny goes to Prison? Happy Bunny: Mercy Killing? Happy Bunny: The World Isn’t Enough? Only time will tell!

Oh yeah, the first, 3rd and 6th panels were drawn by Audrey, the 2nd and last panels were drawn by me, and the 4th, 5th and 7th panels were drawn by Mike.