Just in time for Guy Fawkes day, we’re coming correct on our promise to deliver some quality Occupy Wall Street mini-comix material.

We haven’t really stayed that closely in touch with the Occupy SF affinity group our boy Antonio organized, but we’ve made slow and steady progress with our own goal of turning our creative efforts towards working with the broader energies of the 99% towards progressive political goals. We’ve had mixed results in the past trying to effect SF politics with our comix, and we’re no strangers to the subjects of exploitation and the crappy way this country has been run, but this is the first movement in a long time we think is really resonating broadly and strongly enough with the American public to actually accomplish something, so naturally we’re going to draw something in support of the movement (hell, we’re gonna be drawing anyway, might as well be for a good cause.) This first mini-comic was written by Mike Reger, and is mostly his artwork (although Audrey illustrated pages 3 & 7 and I illustrated the two panels on page 5). I think this comic is mainly a reaction to the common trope among Occupy Wall Street reporting that states that the protesters don’t have any coherent message. The message should be loud and clear to anyone with half a brain, but this comic does a fairly good job of reiterating some of the goals of the movement regardless.

I’m going to let Mikey take it away on describing this comic more, as it really is his baby.

Mike: This comic was an overview of the Occupy movement and the situation with the banks in this country ( and around the world) that havelead to any sort of movement at all being necessary to begin with. When writing out the bare-bones version I tried to use broad strokesand cover the most basic aspects of the movement and to use a somewhat moderate approach with the jokes and what not because we wanted to have people pick up this comic with no idea about any of this stuff and maybe learn about it that way. Some things will
instantly disqualify people from listening to you, like mentioning chem-trails, or linking stuff to the Kennedy assassination. Also a completely immoderate tone make people less likely to listen. It sucks, cuz I like harsh humor, but what’re you gonna do?

Anyway, the real challenge here is to then distribute this mini comic and make it available to people who don’t know about occupy. Like a mailer campaign in Specific Whites or something. If anyone wants to give us money to make more copies please do, otherwise we’ll never get the numbers we want out(or help us with the endless task of assembling them).

In the works is a mini comic about the Glass-Steagall act that Rio wrote and something about ditching your bank that Audrey is working on. So stayed for more good shit coming at your eyeballs.

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