So we had to take a break from our wall to wall to Wall Street coverage of the Occupy movement for a second. Don’t worry though, true believers… we have some tight shit in the works – but this little break gives me the opportunity to post another comic I’ve been wanting to put up for awhile.

This comic was great because, not only was it concept we were all enthusiastic about, but we got two new artists on panels too (thanks, Jack and Huck!) I love the full house style minis, where there is a different artist on each of the eight pages… Although, of course, that makes it a lot harder to have a cohesive mini-comic in the end game. This comic ended up with six different artists (which still isn’t too shabby) and came together without going off on too many tangents.

And just in case you were wondering, the whole Scott Lively thing is totally real and he is totally a scumbag.

Oh yeah, the 1st and 5th panels were drawn by Sondra, the 2nd and 3rd panels were drawn by Mikey, the 4th panel was drawn by Spencer, the 6th panel was drawn by Jack, the 7th panel was drawn by Rio and the 8th panel was drawn by Huck. phew.

(mike)This comic just came out depressingly dark.  It didn’t exactly have the coherence that we’ve been striving for in our latest minis, but sometimes it’s all about the feeling that the comic(however schizophrenic)creates.  I’ve already had people pick other comics instead of this one when they were buying comics because they thought it was too depressing.  But things are that messed up if you look at different parts of society, and this is just another aspect of that. The homophobia when people hide their intolerance behind a mask of religion has lead to a high teen suicide rate for those teens that feel they’d be better off dead than queer in America, and then there’s the Uganda thing where preachers from America are lobbying to help the government there pass laws to make being  gay against the law and punishable by execution.  They can’t help do that and pretend that they don’t want to see all gay people dead.  And yeah, the title thing’s true as well.  I had people I gave this comic to that had never heard of these pray the gay away camps, but it’s real and they do that.  If people could just summon up the apathy about stuff they normally have and apply that to homosexuality maybe things would be better.  They wouldn’t approve or disapprove, or feel one way or the other about gay people.  It wouldn’t be that great, but it would be better than the sort of country where Matthew Shepard got murdered for being gay.  Homophobic  people just don’t want to admit that that’s the end result of their intolerance, or at least where it’s leading.    Well o.k. sorry if this comic was depressing, but come on:  There’s undisturbed pockets where things continue by and large as they have for centuries, but maybe it’s time for new ideas, because for the most part shit’s fucked up in the world folks, and with the way things are going, it can’t go on much longer.   So cheer up.