For the rest of our Occupy Wall Street themed mini-comix, we thought it would be a good idea to explore micro-topics on various themes, bills, acts and ideas relevant to the movement and have our various members research and write the comix separately, then have all of our contributing members illustrate.

This second comic was written by me on the subject of the Glass-Steagall Act of the 30’s. It’s kind of a dry subject for a mini-comic and I struggled mightily at injecting any degree of humor into the proceedings. Whether or not I succeeded I’ll leave to the judgement of you, our esteemed readers. It is, at any rate, a very important topic regarding how the financial regulations in this country were systematically dismantled leading up to (and in many ways causing) the economic meltdown of 2007.

If you like this comic and want to reprint it yourself for non-commercial usage (passing it out at Occupy protests in places outside of San Francisco would be ideal), please feel free to follow this linkety-link right here and gain access to the hi-res comix-y goodness at the other end. The comic is laid out in the classic origami 8-panel mini-comic format. If you don’t know how to fold it, look it up. I’m not your mom.

Oh yeah, I drew the first, 7th and 8th pages, Mikey drew the second and third panels, Spencer drew the 4th and 6th panels and “Kate Silver” drew the 5th.