Yaaay! Our fourth Occupy comic! There was  a little bit of a slow down between this one and the last one, I’ll admit. But we’re back in the groove and already got halfway through the next one in the time it took me to post this one, so… There you go.

Sondra wrote this one to examine how the influx of massive amounts of cash money ruins so many parts of our government and society. She threw up some good examples that we were more than happy to illustrate, and you can probably think of many more off the top of your head too. It’s impossible to cover all the ways the judicious sprinkling of cash piles is fucking our shit up in 8 panels, but hopefully this gets your mental ball rolling from its dark, mossy place on the subject.

Mikey set a lofty goal of completing 10 Occupy related minis before we go back to our regular scheduled broadcasting, and I have no doubt we can do it. We already have one in the works regarding Direct Democracy with plans for new ones on Citizens United, Police Bruttality, and Non-Violence. If you have any other ideas for Occupy Wall Street related subjects you think would benefit from being examined in mini-comic form, shoot us an email and we’ll examine it. We sold our souls and pens to the movement for at least 6 more minis, so lay it on thick, brothers and sisters!

Oh yeah, this one was written by Sondra who also drew the cover, the 2nd, 3rd and 8th panels were drawn by Mikey, the 4th panel was drawn by Audrey, I drew the 5th panel, Antonio drew the 6th panel, and Spencer drew the 7th panel.