Happy New Year, loyal readers!

This year we resolve to keep a more regular posting schedule, and we’re starting off strong with our 6th Occupy Wall Street themed mini. 4 more to go and we’re going to go back to our day jobs of drawing exploding bunny rabbits and misanthropic mutant muppets. But we’re keeping it legit for the time being, so sit back and enjoy the bounty.

This mini was written by Antonio and was actually even a little too positive for my taste, but we’ve gotten a good response from it so far (hell, my wife said she was happy to see me working on something so positive, so go figure). It is important in any movement to articulate the things you are for as well as the things you are against. While it is the things we protest that bring the most passion, it is the things we can work for that bring the most hope for the future. I think this comic is pretty successful in outlining that kind of positivity and explaining the process about how the Occupy movement is getting there. Leave it for you to judge.

If you like this comic and want to reprint it yourself for non-commercial usage (passing it out at Occupy protests in places outside of San Francisco would be ideal), please feel free to follow this linkety-link right here and gain access to the hi-res comix-y goodness at the other end. The comic is laid out in the classic origami 8-panel mini-comic format. If you don’t know how to fold it, look it up. One of these days we’re going to put up a video explaining how we fold these comx, bu for now you’re going to have to google the technique yourself.

Oh yeah, the first, 4th and 5th panels were drawn by Antonio, the 2nd and 3rd panels were drawn by Mikey, the 6th and 7th panels were drawn by me and the last panel was drawn by “Kate Silver”.