The following is written by Mikey, who also did the writing for this latest group comic: So we made another Occupy mini…This one came together pretty well. The main idea was to examine different aspects of ways that corporations are involved in the inner workings of government and really shouldn’t be. A big part is how certain things in America shouldn’t be for profit, but are. I tried to just briefly touch on a lot of different issues, which is different from our usual approach of examining things a bite-sized piece at a time. This mini did get really crammed. The idea was that if any of the issues interested someone, they could take their own initiative to learn about it more, which I guess goes against the nutshell propaganda of it all. Or you could just take the brief descriptions of some of the issues and shout them real loud at town-hall meetings, but that’s so last year. So you get it both ways, the issues themselves to take and research (supposedly Reagan really did declare ketchup a vegetable so it would count as another serving of vegetables in school lunch programs and recently they lowered the amount of tomato paste that could be counted as a vegetable servings so pizza could be counted as having a full serving of vegetables in school lunches), or just be satisfied that we did the research and just learn that some of these problems exist in the first place. I think it boils down to the content that the mainstream-media chooses to show. A lot of people would probably be more pissed off if they just knew more about the issues, but it’s either presented boringly, glossed-over, or ignored altogether. Some of the stuff we covered in this book might actually require being examined over an entire mini at a later date. We just wanted to make it a little harder to ignore the problems, and point out how ridiculous everything’s gotten. The character on the last page is CEO Richman, a character that represents an archetype of a person high on the corporate food-chain that I use from time to time, cause there’s a lot of different parts to the corporate machine, and I try to have a cast of archetypal characters to represent them and their counterparts in the govermnent. The guys at the very top of the ladder are members of the board of directors of giant corporations.

Oh yeah, the first, second and last panels of this comic were drawn by Mikey, Antonio drew the third panel, Rio drew the fourth and fifth panels, Spencer drew the sixth panel and Audrey drew the seventh.