Wow, almost to the finish mark! This is number 9 of our pledged 10 Occupy related minicomix. The campsites may have gone into hibernation for the winter, but we’re all excited to see what spring has in store for the Occupy movement. We’ll still be drawing comix after this point, and large number of them may still be Occupy related, but after the 10th one we’re going to be starting to mix in some of our regular programming  as well.

Mikey: David & Douchey was based off an old cartoon in Hi-lights magazines I used to get as a kid.  The cartoon was Goofus &Gallant.  Gallant is the goody-two-shoes doing everything right, Goofus is the Doofus doing everything wrong.  The cartoon would just show similar situations and how each of the characters would handle them.   There was actually something propagandist and creepy about those comics, so we decided to use the idea for some of our own propaganda.  I figure some people wont get particularly stoked when they read this book.  It’s true that we criticize, and to some extent satirize the situation, but we also try to be constructive as well, by talking about things people are doing that we think are cool.

Anyways, it’s not like were writing comics based on what people wanna hear.  We’re writing comics based on what we want to say, and how to say it.   If I had to change one thing about this book, I would kinda make Douchey a little less hippified, and maybe a little bit more burner, or just a random angry guy. Hippies are one of the first terms tossed around by conservative types when showing supercilious disdain for any progressive social movement or protesters.  Plus after going to highschool in the Haight for 4 years…He just got drawn that way, and I went with it.  It was neat that everyone had to draw David & Douchey in their own styles and try to make them look similar to the other versions for continuity, which got maintained. Also it was twice as much work as one of the minis usually is, so I think everyone really drew admirably and got it done in a good amount of time.

Oh yeah, this comic was written by Mikey, who drew the 1st, 2nd and last pages, Audrey drew the 3rd page, Ram drew the 4th page, Rio drew the 5th page, Spencer drew the 6th page and Justin drew the 7th page.