So this is technically our 10th Occupy themed mini-comic, but we aren’t even done yet…

We recently had the opportunity to work with some of the stories from the website We Are the 99% at the request of the website’s creator in order to create some content for his new website which is going to be featuring a lot of art inspired by the stories of the 99%. It was a sobering and awe inspiring task. These people’s stories are so personal, so heart breaking and so soul crushingly sad sometimes that it almost seems like it’s pushing the boundaries of the mini comic medium to attempt to tell them.

But we’ve always considered ourselves boundary crossers, so what the hell. We gave it our best shot. I kind of envision this being a series… Soooooo. Yeah, about that whole “10 Occupy themed comix and then we’re done” thing… Both me and Antonio have already scripted more comix ourselves, plus I want to make a couple more comix with stories from “We Are the 99%” in the future. So we’ll keep on cranking them out on a semi-regular basis.

If anything is going to change, it’s probably going to be that I’ll be putting some other, non-Occupy comix up on our website again too. It’s been a great run, but keeping the streak of only Occupy related comix going on the site necessitated skipping a couple of our recent efforts that didn’t fit the theme, so I’ll be posting those and whatever else we come up all up on this site in the coming weeks. That just means they’ll be more comix coming your way, so in a way, we are all winners in this scenario.

Oh yeah, the 1st and 5th panels were drawn by Rio, the 2nd and 6th panels were drawn by Mike, the 3rd panel was drawn by Justin, the 4th panel was drawn by Audrey, the 7th panel was drawn by “W.A. Silver” and the 8th panel was drawn by “Kate Silver”. And all of the text (except for a couple speech bubbles) obviously comes from the We Are the 99% website.