So, just in time for May Day we have our 11th (maybe… kind of losing track here) Occupy Related Mini Comix… We’ll be handing out this one with all the others in San Francisco tomorrow thanks to a generous cash infusion from a local affinity group The 99¢ Print Committee. If you’d like to download a print template to photocopy and fold minicomix for your own Occupy event, you can download here and follow the minicomix folding instructions here.

This minicomic is about the awful Citizens United Supreme Court decision and the deleterious effect it is having on our democracy. It’s crazy, when corruption is seen as such a huge problem in government, that the Supremes thought it would be remotely acceptable to open the floodgates for millions of dollars of unchecked money into politics. Plus, we just plain disagree with the premise that corporations are people that was used as a precedent in this ruling.

Rio wrote this comic and drew the 1st and 6th pages, Mike drew the 2nd and 3rd, Audrey drew the 4th and 8th, and  Justin drew the 5th and 7th.