So this comic isn’t related to Occupy but it’s still a political comic on a subject dear to any and all satirist’s heart (and we are satirists, god damnit). Current copyright law is farce, a million miles divorced from the original intent of letting a creator earn an honest living. Most of the original creators of famous money making properties are dead, and even when they are alive, they have usually been pushed out of the copyright by huge media conglomerates that are making all the money of the characters. Intellectual property laws get extended whenever Mickey Mouse or Superman are due to enter the public domain. Kids today are probably just used to the idea that these characters are owned, and will always be owned by ginormous and soulless corporate media machines, but that’s not the way it was supposed to be and it’s a goddamn shame we’re allowing it to continue down this destructive path.

“Kate Silver” wrote this issue and drew the banging cover, Mikey drew the 2nd, 3rd and 8th pages, “W.A. Silver” drew the 4th page, Justin drew the 5th page, Rio drew the 6th page and Audrey drew the 7th.

Oh yeah, the Sonny Bono reference is referring to the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act (or Mickey Mouse Protection Racket) which extended copy right law for an extra 20 years when the copyright on Mickey Mouse was due to expire. Read up on that, and also read up on the Gutenburg Project. They have the lofty goal of making public domain works available to everyone, and they do great work (great way to get free ebooks too).