Yes, this shit is real. If you don’t believe us, go rent the movie Gas Land or stream it on Netflix or hell, download it on bit torrent… We ain’t judging. Actually, maybe do something to support the filmmakers. They do a really good job of explaining the issue and it’s not exactly the kind of issue that the big money guys are beating the door down to fund.

The only thing more outrageous than the idea of injecting radioactive fluids at high pressures miles underground to break up bedrock containing natural gas and then collecting it at the surface is the fact that we are spending so much ingenuity on shit like this and not on things that… I don’t know… don’t make our drinking water flammable? I mean, if I was a scientist, I think the first thing I’d check before mass producing a process is whether or not it would make water flammable… Unless I was a mad scientist. That would be a pretty cool exploit for a mad scientist or a super villain. But c’mon… This can’t just be the cost of doing business.

Oh yeah, this comic was researched and written by Justin Gorski, who also drew the cover 3rd panel, Mikey drew the 2nd and 5th panel, Bowdy drew the 4th panel, Audrey drew the 6th panel and Rio drew the 7th and 8th panels.

Editing this post to include a couple links to online petitions to ban unsafe hydraulic fracking processes with Clean Water Action that commenter Andrew pointed out below:
Keep Diesel used in Fracking out of Water
Tell your Congress critter to oppose adding fracking “riders” to laws
Add your voice to the growing number of Americans learning and voicing their opposition to this unclean and dangerous process. Every little bit helps, right?