So I apologize for being so lax in updating our site lately, but it’s now been exactly one month since my dad, Fernando Barreiro passed away (and Friday the 13th, no less). He was a great guy, an awesome father, a union organizer, a rabble rouser, a liberal intellectual… Many things that I aspire to and inspire me… And will continue to inspire me. He was really proud of the political direction we have been taking Mission Mini-Comix, and I hope to do his memory proud in our future endeavors. It’s a hard thing to write about… And it doesn’t get better. Part of the reason I’ve been avoiding any updates…

However, one of the hardest things for me to deal with after his passing, is the fact that life goes on… So here are somethings that happened, that you might have missed because I was to wrecked at the time to give a decent account of things:


so we built a comic tree for this rad, month long experimental art show (and lecture series/skillshare/concert venue) called Streetopia that was organized by Erick Lyle and had a cast of thousands. It’s all over though. You missed it. There was this rad thing and we built a fucking comic tree for it, but now it’s over and the comic tree has been dismantled. Sorry you missed it, I probably should have said something about it earlier. Here’s some pictures of it:

Let one million mini-comix bloom!

Mikey and Me, beside the comic tree

Mother-fucking comic tree, y'all

Planting the seeds of dissension

Under the spreading comic tree...

Random comic tree enthusiast, enjoying the fruits of our labor

Mikey and Antonio

Antonio and Mikey, shooting the breeze through the leaves


The comic tree was made out of an old lamp (that I actually got working for the installation), a ton of coat hangers, liberal doses of hot glue, string, and of course, a shit load of mini-comix. It’s prime location by the Luggage Store’s bathroom encouraged many a constipated congregant to loose their deuce. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.

SF Street Samurais:

The mural at the top was painted in Clarion Alley by Mikey and Ronin (formerly Thom… long time ally and former sales champion of Mission Mini-Comix). Looking good there, guys.

Booklyn Artist Alliance:

Oh yeah, and we made some comic boxes for the Booklyn Artist Alliance, which places art books in libraries and museums. They’re currently en route to New York, but hopefully soon will be on display at some high falootin’ institute of higher learning or public library. These boxes were really fun to make, Mikey made the one on the left, I made the one on the right. These are just the first two out of fifty we plan to make, and they each have 65 mini-comix in them. That’s a lot of comix, dude!

Comic boxes, in earnest

Mission Mini-Comix comic boxes

An instant classic!

65 comix behemoths - Master Collection

Apogee Sound Club Sing-A-Long:

Also, we finished a double sized mini-comic for former 50 Million’s Wade Driver’s new band, Apogee Sound Club’s new 7″ (phew!). Although you did miss the record release party last weekend (sucks to be you), you still have time to buy their new 7″ and see the giant mini-comic for yourself. Record was released and is being sold by Thrillhouse Records. I may post this one eventually, but for now, you gotta buy the record (which rules, btw) if you want to see the comic. Also included with the record, is the Use Manifesto.

The Funny Times:

Lastly, but not leastly, we’re pretty excited to say Mission Mini-Comix will have a comic running in the August issue of The Funny Times, a comic/politics/humor newspaper with over 75,000 subscribers, that includes such comic greats as Matt Groening, Lynda Barry, Keith Knight, Nina Paley, Shannon Wheeler… Just wish my dad was still around to see it (he was always telling me I should submit our comix here), but we don’t always get what we fucking want, right? The first comic they’re running is Audrey’s excellently written Breaking up with Your Bank comic, illustrated by her, Mikey and me, but hopefully this is just the beginning of a whole long, drawn out thing with this awesome newspaper. Get yourself a subscription, seriously.

That’s all that’s going on in Mission Mini-Comix land for now… We have a couple more projects going on that I’ll be reporting on as they reach fruition, and we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled comix shortly, but just thought y’all might want to know what’s been going on.