Hello there, Audrey here. This is the first mini I’ve ever done entirely by myself, so I’m kind of proud of that! Why did I make this thing? Well, if you’re a fellow San Franciscan like myself, you look at the sheer number of Republican voters in the Red States and get confused, maybe cock your head to the side like that dog listening to the phonograph. You think, “These are people in states that receive the highest amount of federal aid, and they’re voting for candidates who are actively working to CUT that aid. Why would they vote against their own interests like that?!” Our smug first assumption tends to be that they are either stupid, inbred hicks . . . . or RACIST stupid inbred hicks.

What this comic does is, emotional issues aside, present a common rebuttal argument. Lower class Republican voters may not be voting for their financial interests . . . but they are voting for their PERCEIVED financial interests, or possibly FUTURE interests. Of course, what they see and what is actually THERE may not line up, but the point I am trying to make is that there IS a logic thread in there somewhere, if a somewhat flawed one.

There may also be some racism and inbreeding, but that’s a comic for another day!