We’ve been working on political cartoons so much lately (and will continue to do so), that it might actually come as a shock to some people that we find our roots in the dark and gritty world of underground cartooning. I think the first mini-comic we drew as a collective was the massively sacrilicious What Would Jesus Do? mini, so we’ve been delighting in pushing the envelope and offending the thin skinned since the very beginning. And this one might just be our most offensive comic yet… So, you’ve been warned. Actually, you’ve probably read the comic already due to the formatting of our site… Please accept this adorable video of kittens as ways of apology.

This comic features Mission Mini-Comix favorite, Happy Bunny (not sure if he/she is a fan favorite, but we’re sure fond of the little fucker). I don’t think Audrey originally envisioned Happy Bunny going in quite so dark a direction when she came up with the character on the cover of Happy Bunny and the Magic Rock, but she’s certainly embraced the darkness, coming up with such hits as Happy Bunny Goes to the Abortion Clinic, and now this. Who knows what new magical adventures lay in the future for Happy Bunny, Cuddles the Chipmunk and the rest of the Shady Brook gang, but know this: Like a bad outbreak of Herpes Simplex, they’ll be back!

Mikey: This comic could’ve probably been twice as long as it ended up being.  We all sorta thought it out together one panel at a time.  It sort of just turned into a date rape revenge fantasy scenario.  The Bro-bunnies were all bad.  I think this comic mostly speaks for itself.  Whether you think that that’s a good thing or not, probably depends on your general outlook on life.  But since we’ve already threatened to make a couple more comix with these characters…what the hell!

The 1st and 6th page of this comic were drawn by Audrey, the 2nd and 8th panels were drawn by Mikey, the 3rd and 7th panels were drawn by Justin, I drew the 4th panel and “Kate Silver” drew the 5th.