So, I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to put up one of my old solo comix and to celebrate the fact that me and Audrey were published in the SF Weekly’s first comix issue! Mikey and 16th and Mission comix up and comer (and one day MMC contributor) Cameron Forsley were also featured on the online version. Very cool for all involved. I’m hoping this was a very successful issue for them, because every since the Bay Guardian stopped it’s annual cartoon contest in the late nineties, the Yay area has been suffering a severe lack of venues for underground and striving cartoonists to showcase their works.

The cartoon I’m posting today is an older and uncensored version of the comic the SF Weekly printed.  Maybe they would have printed the whole thing anyways, but the dimensions were off, so I’d have to have redrawn it anyways, so I decided to go with something a leeeetle more family friendly (on the notion that even a savvy paper like the SFweekly might balk at printing a half page panel of bunnies and kittens going at it Cinemax style). But that’s no reason to deprive you, our audience of the kind of underground debauchery and feral hijinks that have made Mission Mini-Comix the virtual non-entity in the cartooning world that it is today. Compare it to the one that ran on the SF weekly’s cartoon site and let me know which one you like better.

And for all of the fans of our political stuff, we have a bunch more comix on that tiff that I’ll be putting up soon, but sometimes us underground cartoonists just gotta get a few kinks out of our system.