So another year has come and gone… 2012 was a great year for Mission Mini-Comix with us seeing our comix appearing in a number of print publications for the first time and our books being sold to art libraries and featured in art shows. It was also a shitty year for a few of us personally for myriad reasons I don’t really feel like getting into anymore. Here’s to some cautious optimism about 2013. You better not suck 2013.

I thought the best way to ring in the new year would be to feature ‘The Art of Letting Go’ a comic started by Erin Ruch that really has more to do with shitty break ups, but is a fitting tribute to acknowledging the shittier aspects of 2012 and letting them go for a clean slate in 2013. My new years resolution is to draw a little bit each day and get a tad more regular with the website updates. It might just be once a week, but that would be an improvement of the rate that I’ve been doing (and we’ve kinda been building up a backlog of comix I haven’t been putting online).

Erin drew the first, second and last panels, “Kate Silver” drew the 3rd panel, new MMC-er Jen drew the 4th and 5th pages, I drew the 6th page and Mikey drew the 7th. This might also be the first Mission Mini-Comic where female contributors outnumbered the male contributors, so that’s pretty rad.