(the above mural was painted by myself, Mikey and Thom in Clarion alley… check it before it gets dissed to shizt)

Here at Mission Mini-Comix, we spend a lot of time working on and talking about comix, but there’s a lot more art going on then that. I wanted to spend the week showcasing some of the paintings that we’ve done for the past Anti-Valentine’s day artshow by MMC members and allies, and to also hype the upcoming artshow being put on by the tight as fuck Cameron Forsley featuring pen and ink drawings by many of the same participants (and more!)

Here’s the flier, the show starts at 7pm at Mission Comi(x)cs on April 6th:

Be there or meet a horrible fate

And here’s some paintings by Mikey from our last artshow:

interested in any of these pieces? write to minicomix@gmail.com Re:Mike's Paintings

dropping more boom from the maestro of gloom & doom

and some paintings by Spencer Gray (I think he sold the wood grain one at the Anarchist book fair already) from the same show:

interested in any of these pieces? write to minicomix@gmail.com Re:Spencer's Paintings

some paintings to savor from the player who never wastes his flavor

and from myself from the same show (the robot one ‘Object of Affection’ has already sold):

more visual upchuck from the schmuck with the yuks (& the yucks)

and some prints from Justin showcasing his “sensitive side” (from same art show, natch):

wanna buy? write to minicomix@gmail.com Re:Justin's Prints

more quality prints from MMC's prince of wince

and now some paintings by Sy Wagon (I don’t think this was even all of them from the artshow):

interested in any of these pieces? write to minicomix@gmail.com Re:Sy's Paintings

some visual rock to clean your clock from the grand dame of schlock

and some truly dope-ass pieces by the talented Jose Gabriel Angeles featured in the same show:

Interested in any of these pieces? check http://www.crudedude.net/ for inquiries

Some top-shelf greasy steezy from the crown prince of sleazy

Raaaaw… and last, but definitely not least, some work by our homie Cameron Forsley (who you might remember way back from when I was pimping his artshow at the top of this piece):

Interested in any of these pieces? Hit up Cam at: www.theforsleybrothers.com

some crazy screens from the psychadelic machine that shoots ink like morphine

Apologies to Orson and Chrissy Snail and Audrey (although she sold all her paintings before I could take crappy camera phone pictures of them anyways) who were also in the artshow, but I have the organizational fortitude of a honey badger with ADD who decided to self medicate with crystal meth. Fuck the formatting and dpi. And thanks to Jenn, for bringing the rock to the whole shindig, and to her and Mikey for organizing the whole thing. You interested in any of these artistries, write to us at minicomix@gmail.com and I’ll make sure it’s forwarded to the interested parties.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, kids… be backs soon with more comix.

I promise.