It’ll take me awhile to make it through the backlog of comix that got made while mourning the death of our brother JP Ueber. This is another one where we pay some respects to our boy, this time in the 4th panel by Mikey (who really draws him better than I did). The question why is one we’re asking a lot these days, and there’s no good answers. I’m reminded of the Bokononism from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.

“Tiger gotta hunt, bird gotta fly, man got to sit and wonder why why why / Tiger gotta sleep, bird gotta land, man gotta tell himself he understand.”

Cameron Forsley, formerly of 16th and Mission Comix (who we used to, kind of but not really, have beef with due to the similarity in naming conventions for our comic making outfits… but now draws with us so it’s all g), drew the cover for this ish, so I’m gonna let him take it away.

From the man himself, Cameron Forsley:

“Why, why is the question isn’t it. Why are we here, Why do we do what we do and think, thinking is what makes us diffrent from most animals, no not right, most animals think too. Its something else, or maybe we just think we’re special but really are just fucked up animals that are more corrupt, Why is the question isn’t it, Why?”

And from Mikey:

“The first panel I drew was about the changing face of the city. Why do people move here and then want to change it to their liking?  Some people that move here add to the uniqueness of this town, but the majority lately want to turn SF into some place that’s a suburban strip mall gated community boutique with no personality…destroying history/culture/community in it’s wake.
The second was a shout out to JP.  I know we’ll have more comics/art for JP, but this was a first attempt for me to commemorate/memorialize him in art.  My best friend since I was 5 died for no reason at all in a car crash.  He was a brother to me like we always wished we were…


People try to tell you bad things happen for a reason.
Bad things just happen sometimes is all.”

Oh yeah, Cameron drew the cover and 6th page, Mikey drew the 2nd and 4th page, Jenn drew the 3rd page, our old friend Bochay drew the 5th page about Ninjas, Audrey drew the 7th page and I drew the closer.