So, the struggle continues, as it always does…

You might remember back two years ago when we made a comic about CCSF’s struggle with an out of control privately owned accreditation agency that was threatening to revoke it’s Accreditation if it wasn’t able to address their “goals”, first and foremost being a supposed lack of financial stability.

Two remarkable things happened after that. First and foremost, San Francisco actually passed Proposition A, as we recommended in our comic. Secondly, California passed Proposition 30 to fund schools on a state level. This was unprecedented for a number of reasons. First, raising taxes in California is a notoriously dicy affair, thanks to Proposition 13 and the decades long taint of Reagan’s toxic legacy. But perhaps even more unprecedented was that one of the specific SF policy goals set forth in one of our comix (passing Proposition A) was embraced by the citizens of San Francisco! Good job, guys. Seriously was nice to be on the winning side for once.

But even after that hard slog to provide the additional funding that they said CCSF needed to maintain their accreditation, the ACCJC went ahead and declared CCSF to have failed to meet 11 of it’s 14 recommendations and voted to revoke accreditation anyways. It’s almost like the will of San Francisco and our dedication to the principles of equal opportunity and an affordable education for all didn’t matter at all. Or at least that’s what they’d like us to think.

Unfortunately, they may have fucked with the wrong school this time.

The unprecedented actions of the ACCJC are coming to light and numerous agencies have demanded audits or filed lawsuits into their shadowy and corrupt business practices. Links and funding from right wing think tanks slavering at the thought of privatizing education have been exposed. The CCSF board of trustees, state senators such as Tom Ammiano, SF city attorney Dennis Herrera and even the Department of Education are investigating or suing the ACCJC for malpractice. It’s been exposed that the ACCJC has friviously filed almost 10 TIMES more injunctions against community and junior colleges than any other accreditation agency in the United States. That’s right, it’s not just CCSF they’re after; this rogue agency is on a mission to shut down as many public colleges as possible. Meanwhile, it’s come out that CCSF actually has a much better academic achievement record than colleges where the ACCJC members are administrators or acting professors.

I could go on and on. The problems and borderline criminal acts of the ACCJC are legion (definitely more than I can fit in a comic), but there is some good news.

A superior court judge has blocked the ACCJC from removing CCSF’s accreditation in the meantime, pending a trial where the ACCJC’s shady dealing will all come to light. Unfortunately, the aura of uncertainty has really hurt City College in the meantime, as less students are now enrolling. We’re taking another official stance here at Mission Mini-Comix to encourage people to enroll in classes and educate others about what’s really going on with City College and the ACCJA. The fate of our civic treasure and even the fate of public community colleges on the entire west coast may hang in the balance.


oh yeah, this comic was written by Rio and drawn by him, Mikey, Bochay, Audrey and Justin