So we drew this comic probably 13 years ago, right as the zeal to invade Iraq based on the lies of the Bush Administration’s flock of chicken hawk, war criminals and the misplaced angst of a nation still reeling from 9/11. We watched as Cheney and his conservatard buddies lied through their teeth about weapons of mass destruction and mobile chemical labs and put together the very first of our group political books as a response to it.

Today, we’re seeing Rumsfeld, Bremer, Wolfowitz and Cheney himself all coming out to blame Obama for his handling of Iraq and how it was all fine and dandy when they left it, and I have to ask myself: why are these guys allowed to come back and spew their lies on national television AGAIN?! Is our national memory so poor that we’re eager to hear the advice of the same incompetent, lying fuck ups that got us into a quagmire that cost us countless lives and trillions of dollars in the first place? Or is it just that a complicit media is totally in the pocket of the corporations and their conservative allies? Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both. But c’mon, these fools should be in PRISON, not polluting the airwaves with their clueless mendacity and catastrophic naivety again.

But fine, I guess. Get back on television and embarrass yourselves for the quintillionth time, you neo-con scumbags.

Remind the American people once again why conservatives can never be trusted to wield power in this country.

Fuckin’ A…

oh yeah, this comic was drawn by Mikey, Antonio, Rio and Jason