So I guess this comic probably qualifies as an oldie already… I think we drew it two three years ago now? Crazy sauce.

It’s kind of a throwback in other ways, as it is kind of a free for all riff on one subject rather than a sustained narrative with different illustrators. There’s definitely room for this kind of jam comic, and I think this comic pulls it off exceptionally well, but we have been trending in the opposite direction as of late. Ironically, I think Audrey’s panel was the best transition panel out of the whole bunch, but we decided to put it as the punchline rather than in the middle of the comic. We probably had our reasons.

Alright, that’s enough background on this comic…

I have this theory about Cartoon Cats: you can instantly tell if a cartoon cat is going to be cool based on his its coloration. If it’s a black cat, it’s really cool. If it’s an orange cat, it’s probably pretty lame.  Black cats have a long and storied history, from Krazy to Felix to modern bad asses like Frank. On the orange cat side, you have a bunch of whack ass posers trying to act like their all that… I’m looking at you, Garfield, Heathcliff and Top Cat. Someday, I want to draw a comic where it’s all black cartoon cats fighting orange cartoon cats, and the black cartoon cats are just going to be absolutely wrecking those lame orange cats.

Of course, there’s some exceptions, but they’re just there to prove the rule. Bill the cat is a pretty bad ass orange cat, and the black cat in Mutts is pretty much as lame as you can get while still being a cartoon cat.

Hobbes is a tiger, so don’t even think he calculates into this.

Oh yeah, this was drawn by Spencer, Erin, me, Mikey and Audrey and I think Nick was in it too. Good stuff.