So, it’s finally happening. Lennar Corporation is putting the first units built on the Hunters Point Naval shipyard up for sale. The same shipyard that was the location of a superfund site due to the radioactive materials and hazardous waste left there from cleaning up irradiated ships used in the United States nuclear tests. After sitting there for decades, they were summarily capped with concrete to make way for SF’s development interests. However, capping nuclear waste is more of an out of sight out of mind bandaid rather than an actual attempt to deal with the issue (not to mention how abhorrent it is to leave an open pit of nuclear stew sitting in an impoverished community and only even to give lip service to the idea of dealing with it once developer’s see a buck to be made).

We actually got a little consultation when Justin was writing this comic from Bradley Angel, with GreenAction, which was a bit of a departure for us. Imagine the MMC krew walking into an office building downtown and sitting around a conference room with a non-profit discussing the script of a mini comic. Weird stuff, but it made us way more confident that we were getting our facts straight about this important issue.

Anyways, this comic was written by Justin and illustrated by him, Audrey, Mikey, Antonio and me.