Yes another installment in the ongoing saga of Happy Bunny (this is the 5th one, for those at home who are counting). This is also the third appearance of the Bro Bunnies. What’s great about these ongoing mini-comic series is that we really get to delve a little deeper into the characters, and see how they evolve over time. Like with the final surviving Bro Bunny… When we first met him in Happy Bunny Gets VD, he was a roofie giving, date raping creep with crabs… then in Happy Bunny: Mercy Killing, we saw the deep love he has for his Bro Bunny friend as he deteriorated from the wounds inflicted by a pissed off Happy and Cuddles (the chipmunk). Now, finally, we see that he’s still a violent creep, he still has crabs, and he STILL has it out for Happy. So I guess he really didn’t evolve much as a character after all…

at least he’s dead now… or is he?

Also, fun fact, as evidenced in this comic, cartoon animals may not wear pants, but the bottom of their coat of fur can still be removed to expose their naughty bits.

Oh yeah, and this comic was drawn by Audrey (1st, 2nd and last panels), Mikey (3rd panel), Justin (4th and 5th panel), Rio (6th panel), and Cameron Forsley (7th panel)