I woke up this morning and realized it’s been 5 months since I posted last… and not really because we don’t have new material (although we have been throwing all our inconsiderable resources behind a much larger “secret” project lately), but because I hate writing these damn “blog posts”/comix accoutrements type things.

But the comix keep rolling out and I owe it to our two fans to keep the site updated, so here’s a new mini about Walt Disney, cultural homogeneity (which I just now realize I misspelled in the comic) and how much we dislike an increasing percentage of the world’s culture and intellectual property being consumed by a boring mouse dedicated to pumping out PG-13, family friendly fare with nary a fuck or even a cigarette allowed.¬† Maybe we’re just a bunch of haters (outlook good), and I can’t deny that I still enjoy Star Wars and Marvel Comics, but it’s a fucking shame when one company corners the market on whimsy® and wonder and mandates an edgeless, toothless interpretation upon all the world’s favorite characters.

Oh yeah, Justin drew the cover and 5th page, Paul Sand drew the 2nd and 6th pages, Cameron Forsley drew the 3rd and 7th pages, Mikey drew the 4th page and I drew the last one.