2016 was a fucking hell of a year and it’s not looking like the outlook is getting any less bleak anytime soon. It’s hard to even get my head around how much we’ve lost and how much worse things are looking to be getting in the next 4 years, but all we can do is to try doing what we’ve always done to keep the struggle alive in whatever ways we can. Which, in our case, means putting out pissed off, snarky comix.

So, perfect time to have finished and start putting out our biggest political themed comic ever, The Failure is Systemic.

A couple years back, me and Mikey were brainstorming what the next political comic we should work on when we realized there were just way to many things we were irate about to settle on one. So naturally, we decided to stick them all into one big monster comic. The idea was just to list the injustices in a kind of drive by format, and then we could create individual comix on each of these subjects later. Well, other comic projects got in the way, and this book took a couple years to complete, but of course it’s release lined up with a fresh boatload of injustices that we’ll be playing catch up with over the next couple years.


Oh yeah, this is only part 1 of 6 (starting with a more environmental theme), with the panels drawn so far being from Mikey, Antonio, Rio, and Cameron Forsley

More to come.