Part 2 of this massive missive to ‘murica’s mediocrity and the subject is the war on the poor, and how it’s sold to the masses as a moral crusade against “the lazy” and the undesirables. It’s a time honored tradition in America, ever since the titled gentry got nervous about the poor indentured servants and sharecropper’s of all races rising up and decided to create artificial divisions between them. As the years have gone by, the financial elites has become ever more sophisticated, to the point where they have the middle class actively fighting, looking down on and even hating the less well off for them… Pay no attention to the men behind the voting curtain, because “poor” just became the ultimate four letter word.

It’s one of the primary apparatuses that keeps people from unifying against all the other bad shit that is going down all around us… which will be explored in parts 3, 4, 5, and 6, coming soon to… here. I’ll be posting them here.

Oh yeah, the first and second panels here were drawn by Mike, the 3rd was drawn by “Kate Silver” and the 4th was drawn by “W.A. Silver”

Link to Part 1