One of the most frustrating things about our society is that there has always seemingly been a different justice system for the rich and the hoi-polloi. But while this problem has always been with us, the recent emergence of “affluenza” as a legal defense has brought the entire issue into focus with a naked reveal of how above the law the rich truly feel… and the extent to which they’ll take advantage of this inequality to get away with literal murder. We can’t pretend to exist in an equal society while rich white kids get slapped on the wrist for offenses that would send poor black or hispanic kids to prison.

What makes this all the more frustrating is seeing this same mentality played out for our racist, spoiled brat of a mock-president. It kills me to see a guy who has literally played his entire life by a different set of rules seeing his whole entitled world view justified by being able to waltz into the highest position in the country despite being unqualified, unintelligent and a treasonous sack of shit. While this pattern is deeply American in it’s practice, it’s a slap in the face to everything this country purports to and should be.

It seems there is no cure for Affluenza in America yet. Perhaps a more radical treatment plan should be attempted.

Oh yeah, so Justin Gorski went on a rant of his own on this subject for the first 3 pages here, and then I rounded it up with a page by Cameron Forsley that I felt fit the theme well.

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