Finally, the final installment of our super-sized political doom fest.

I have to admit I got off track on posting this, due to our participation in the first all comics issue of the incredible SF institution, Street Sheet (which Mikey drew that awesome cover for).

This final installation of the Failure is Systemic takes on the voting system, which arguably leads to all the other problems previously discussed in the other sections, and opens the doors to having our political landscape taken over by fascist, ignorant racists. First past the post is a big problem in this country, and one that could be addressed by either switching over to a parliamentary voting system (like most first world countries) or adopting Instant Runoff voting, like we have in San Francisco. But unaddressed, FPTP will always lead to a 2 party system that disenfranchises most voters, as beautifully illustrated in this video.

That, along with voter suppression targeting poor and minority populations, and gerry mandering, are what keeps politicians in power even when they are blatantly working against the interests of the majority. Nothing will change unless we make it, but it’s still frustrating to see everything we’ve worked so hard for for decades threatened to be wiped out by a trumped up wannabe fuhrer who lost the popular vote, and the rest of the world seemingly poised to follow us down through the gutter of right wing nationalism.

We’ll no doubt have a lot of material for the next 4 years, and we’re not going to let this frustration stand in the way of our output, but for now we’re just pissed.

Oh yeah, the first two panels here were drawn by Rio, the 3rd was drawn by Paul Sand, and the 4th was written by Rio and illustrated by Mikey (except for Razputin, natch)

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