Although the past 6 months have been something of an atrocity overdrive in these United States of Amerikkka, one of the rankest portrayals of bigotry and hypocrisy has been Trump’s attempted, unconstitutional Muslim travel ban. If he wasn’t so incompetent at achieving his policy goals, the pint-size handed purveyor of prejudice actions to try to simultaneously play off and amplify the public fears while covering up our shameful lack of gun control, encouraging further right wing terrorism and keeping business avenues open with countries his businesses operate in… would be terrifying in it’s fascistic overtones. Actually, it’s still pretty terrifying and embarrassing we have a leader (with significant albeit dwindling support) willing and eager to pass off this garbage as responsible governorship, but his utter ineptitude to even attempt to phrase it a way that isn’t blatantly unconstitutional is as pathetic as it is merciful.

However, the message is still being sent to our populace that brown skin and minority religious belief is not only icky, but dangerous, which is bound to encourage even more right wing bigotry, nationalism and terrorism in the future. Which is really all this cabal of power hungry authority monkeys cares about.

Oh yeah, so this one was written and researched by Kate Silver.

The first and last panels were drawn by W.A. Silver, the 2nd panel was drawn by Paul Sand, the 3rd and 4th by Kate Silver, Justin Gorksi drew the 5th panel, Rio drew the 6th panel and Hayden Currie drew the 7th.