Oh how the turn tables… When I was first “mocking” this comic up, the idea of Trump being a fascist was still in what was clearly now just it’s early warning signs. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems like this comic (and the early warning signs printed in the U.S. Holocaust Museum that it bites off of) was actually used as a playbook, rather than a cautionary tale, by the Trump administration. After the events of Charlottesville, it should be clear to even the most ardent conservative that Trump’s allegiances and sympathies lie with actual neo-nazis and white supremacists, and that we’re not in existing in potential nationalist Schrodinger litter box, but well on our way into the actual fascist shit.

For years we’ve been told that we shouldn’t compare our political opponents to Nazis, but for all the good this aborted attempt at civility has done us, there are now actual white supremacists walking the streets in broad daylight, chanting actual Nazi slogans and anti-semitic rants. Cold blooded murder from right wing white supremacists has now become a fact of life, and yet there are still those in our country that are calling for the freedom of speech to call for genocide and foment hatred. The sad fact is that standing back, ignoring and pacifying these fascists has not worked. Fascism must be confronted on every front and from every angle, it cannot be allowed to take over our nation in the name of free speech, because the first thing fascists will do when they achieve complete control is to destroy the very institutions of free speech that allowed them to achieve it.

Don’t worry that attacks on Nazis go to far for fragile liberal sensibilities. We can only hope that they go far enough.

Oh yeah, this comic was conceived by Rio, who drew the first and 4th panels, Mikey drew the 2nd and 3rd, Kate Silver drew the 5th and 7th, W.A. Silver drew the 6th and Paul Sand drew the 8th.

and damn… now that I checked the sign in the Holocaust Museum again, it turns out there were 14 early warning signs… The ones I missed were:

Supremacy of the military and
Fraudulent elections