At the time this comic was made (almost a decade ago at this point), I think I viewed it as an abject failure. I drew the cover upside down, and since this was during the dark ages of mission mini comix before the discovery of exacto knives or glue sticks, the best solution we could come up with was drawing another cover that would go before my cover… It’s pretty embarrassing actually…

But this comic actually stood up to the test of time pretty damn well. Not only did it introduce José Bastás, who has become a regular stock character in a number of mini comix since then, but it actually has some pretty humorous gags and a level of continuity it would take a long time for Mission Mini Comix to capture again. Now if only the layout hadn’t been fucked up so bad.

(mikey)Yeah, there are 4 starting pages for a minicomic on a 8 1/2 piece of paper folded into eighths.  If you count the panels from top left to right top to bottom 1 to 8 it would be panels 1, 3, 6, & 8.  Rio started in the right position, but drew his panel upside down, which the comic can be folded from, but the split is at the bottom of the book when you fold it instead of the top which is awkward, and reversing which way up the comic is also reverses the starting positions.  Bleh, yeah, technical.  As far as the actual drawing of this book, it was drawn when people actually came in a crowd to drawing night, and we drew sometimes all night.  I think this was done in a session or two.  My panels were definitely drawn in a night, and I kind of co-drew my panel with Evan.  We were, in the vernacular of the times, frying balls(maybe even hippy-flipping).  Damn though, what a mess and it still sort of comes correct.  I’m just sick of it because I must have sold hundreds of this book with it’s sub-par layout.  The (xerox)ink from the black board panel got all over my hands after folding a couple hundred of these fuckers.

anatomy of a messed up mini comic

Oh yeah, the first panel was (technically) drawn by Antonio, the second and 7th panel were drawn by Rio, the 3rd was drawn by Mikey solo, the 4th was drawn by Tyson, the 5th was drawn by Evan and Mikey together, the 6th was drawn by Anita and the last panel was drawn by Cindy.