Rio: This wasn’t even a recent comic anymore, although it did come out sometime this year… “Kate Silver” was organizing an art show at Submission around the concept of exploitation that we are all involved in… The idea came up naturally to try to do a mini-comic around the idea of the art show to advertize it.

The comic came out pretty well, but the details about the art show never made it onto the comic, which kind of missed the point as a promotional piece. I guess it would look kind of dated now if we had the mentions though, so this might have been the best decision for prosperity.

This was also probably the first comic where me and Mike did a collaborative panel. The second panel was written and drawn by me, but Mike went back over it with his fine toothed pen and made it look super teched out. Otherwise, the first panel and last panel were drawn by Mikey, the third panel was drawn by Nick, the 4th and 5th panels were drawn by “Kate Silver”, and the 6th and 7th panels were drawn by me (with some judicial help from my photoshop skillz).

Mikey: Yeah, this comic was done for an artshow and was originally made to advertise the show, but somehow took months to finish.  The theme was worker exploitation and the idea of the way corporate interests  generally tend to exploit almost everyone in society.  My front panel was supposed to be someone drawing at gunpoint.  At some point in American history, people did these spoof porn comix called tiajuana bibles and some of them were distributed through mob connections.   Anyways, Rio’s panels rilly shine up in this beotch.  I also tried to touch on the idea of debt slavery and how out of control credit companies have gotten in America.  Sometimes it just seems like bizarro world, like everyone’s went mad that we let shit like this fly, and then bail out these companies that are too big to fail.  Yeah.  Exploitation.  Maybe we’ll do another to expand.  Who knows?

Nick: So where do you begin????….lots to say on this subject….what has been my whole existence but to feel the need to vocalize my opinion on the matter. If speaking from experience, of which I have plenty on the matter, it has been proven that most of reality if seeming too good to be true usually is. This is the B&W of the pannel, and most of what my humor reflects. I mean geez, last time I spend a weekend getaway at my fav Hotel, located at 850 Bryant, i got the roy’yall treatment: stickey undigestible peanut butter, a bar of questionable soap, and in the grand finale…..: a shirt from the sheriffs department stating on the back: “If you question you’re moral, just give us a shout!” with the local certified number on the back. I don’t know if it’s right to disclose the number at this point, I’ll probably save that for another panel. WELCOME  TO HELL my comrads, we’ll leave the light on for you. xoxo

Here are some pictures from our Artshow so y’all can see what you missed:

Flyer from the show… Evan and Spencer were also in it

Mikey’s Paintings

My (Rio’s) painting and some of my posters