We’re back with another 99% comic! I think this makes us up to 14 comix in the Occupy Wall Street theme (but whose counting!). Considering we set a goal of 10 and the media seems to have decided Occupy is obsolete and thus the issues that birthed it deserve no more coverage, I’m pretty proud we stuck with it this far. Whether you want to attribute it to stubbornness, idealism or just our long history dedicating time and effort to “losing” causes, we’re still here making comix to make sure that the spirit of Occupy lives on, even if it’s just one more comic against a rising tide of corporate media. Take that corporate media, here’s some mud in your eye!

One of these days we’re going to finish a comic about all the other ways Occupy has continued to fight for and benefit the 99%, but we’ve had a LOT of projects going on lately.

This is the third in our series of comix illustrating entries from the awesome tumblr site We Are the 99% and for this one, I organized it by the accounts of children who have been negatively impacted by the outright theft of this countries resources and wealth by the 1%. Children having to deal with foreclosures, young adults with no work prospects, already deeply in debt, having to raise families in a country that isn’t so family friendly when it comes to the working class anymore. These are the quietest stories of heartbreak that have come out of the big bank’s financial crisis.

If you want to see the first two comix we did in this series, check We Are The 99%: #1 and We Are The 99%: #2.

Oh yeah, this one was drawn by Justin, Antonio, Audrey, Mikey, Sondra and me.