We all have one (or two… or two dozen) in our family. A relative, old, as that seems to be the most easily targeted demographic for this particular intellectual short sale, who just seems to accept the proclamations of the industrial entertainment complex at face value. Because that’s all that tv news is anymore, entertainment. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite and the idea that a news anchor could be the most trusted face in the country now seems like the deranged rantings of a dementia ridden 102 year old. Hell, even the Fox news anchors that so many older, conservative people interpret as direct liaisons to god’s mouth have shown they’re much more eager with turning a buck than accurately reporting the truth to their slavish devotees. That’s why so many conservatives were in such shock after Barack Obama one, their trusted news sources were literally just telling them what they wanted to hear to sell books and get higher ratings.

In fact, lying to conservatives has become it’s own cottage industry. But I digress. Although it would be satisfying to let them labor under the delusions they have payed so handsomely for for years, at Mission Mini-Comix, we do see ourselves as having an obligation to the truth, no matter how nasty… Especially if it’s nasty. And I’m not saying it’s all on one side of the aisle either. All tv news (and newspapers) are owned by giant corporate conglomerates whose vested interest necessitates portraying a pro-corporate slant to anything reported. Despite all the “freak storms” and “natural” disasters we had last year, the amount of times global warming was even mentioned on the three network news stations last year can be counted on one hand.

So, please, go ahead and share this with your older relative, the one who keeps sending you chain emails about how the Socialist Kenyan is coming to take all the guns and how Al Gore is single handedly causing global warming so he can say he was right. Tell them Mission Mini-Comix has their back.

Oh yeah, this comic was written by Audrey, and illustrated by her, Mike, Justin, Jen and me.

Stay tuned for our relationship mini comic later this week, where I hype our upcoming Anti-Valentine’s art show at Sub/Mission.