So this comic is a bit of an oldie, but still made within the last year I think. You can tell it’s a little oldish because it follows the old MMC comix mold of having a loose subject with everyone jumping in and offering a viewpoint/gag/tragedy rather than contributing to an overarcing narrative, like we (try to) do these days. Also, Audrey signed her panel, which she only did when she first started drawing with us, before she fully embraced our quasi-anarcho-syndicalist organizational model.

I’m pulling it out of the backlog of comix we’ve finished that I’ve never gotten around to putting up on the website, for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a dope mini-comic. Secondly, we have an Anti-Valentine’s day artshow coming up organized by Mikey and Jen, and this is one of the many comix that is going to be featured in our special “Valentine’s” mini-comix packs, along with the new, double sized “Breeder Armada” and a homemade anti-valentine’s day themed button. Me, Mikey, Audrey, Justin and Spencer will all have new pieces up in the show, as well as MMC compatriots Cameron Forsley, Jose Angeles, and Sy and Orson Wagon.

It’s on Valentine’s Day starting at 7:30 or 8 at Sub/Mission Gallery at 2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th). Check out the deets on Facebook.

Also bands will be playing, so it will totally rock. You should go.

Oh yeah, this one was drawn by Antonio, Spencer, Audrey, “Kate Silver”, Mike and me.