The following was written by Mikey the day before JP died… and thus didn’t make it’s way onto the website for awhile

This was one of the first 3 solo minis I did when I started drawing again after a 3-4 year hiatus. I was trying to hit a stride and start working on minicomix again regularly. So there’s some strangeness just cuz I hadn’t worked on comix that much in awhile. I’d been painting signs for people tho’. Anyway, it’s another rant talking shit about hipsters and the rapidly changing environment of the city. This was before the techie-boom, and things changing rapidly again. It was just on the cusp of that. I realize the dick panel on the first page is a little excessive, but that was the whole point to begin with, to spoof myself even as I talked shit. My ex-girlfriend Steph didn’t think the panel was funny, guys tend to think it’s funnier tho’. It’s just another angry rant about the changing face of SF. The point isn’t always to talk about how much more chill things were back in the day, but to let other people know how much it sucks for natives and to point out how it isn’t changing for the better, and how people in the past have tried to fight against that gentrification and development, and whether it worked or not, just caring and trying to do something is better than doing nothing at all against the yuppies and developers and hipsters…

Oh yeah, and about how people all had these dreams they were pursuing and art they were making and cool things they were doing just because that’s how they were. That stuff is all still worthwhile and even more awesome because of the city-wide whitewashing both graffitti-wise and metaphorically that’s occurring. Perpetrated culturecide.