The following is written by Jenn, who wrote this comic and got it published in MRR:

“Fuck Fame” was written as mostly a frustrated rant.
It was around the time that a woman came out on her blog and admitted
she was molested by Jorge from the Casualties.
Looking back on it, I could have worded it better and maybe presented
the content a little more tastefully.
Certain people I was hoping who would be the most susceptible
and relate to the subject matter ended up criticizing it the most,
but you can’t make everyone happy.
I apologize to those who thought I picked the wrong medium to address these
issues, however I certainly do not apologize to the hordes of bro jock
fanboys and bands who perpetuate this flesh eating disease-way of thinking
in the punk and anarchist scene.
Being someone who escaped to punk as a teen to get away from societal norms,
it hurts to see something that has been a huge part of mine, and others lives, get co-opted.
I guess you can make this argument about any other counter culture or movement where a
shitty combination of
privilege and entitlement rob that specific culture of it’s fundamental core values.
It could be said that this is the will of the powers that be.
Robbing and infiltrating the few things that make us totally free, independent, unified, turning us
against each other, and making our awesome and fun little pockets of
disobedience look like unsafe and mediocre schlock-fests.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Mike for his added illustrating, helping me put this
comic together, articulating it more efficiently, and just listening to me rant
late at night.
Also to Rio and Justin, as it meant a lot for me to have guys involved
in this comic.
And to everyone who read it, liked it, and MRR for printing it.