Here’s the latest one in our series of Harm Reduction Comix (and I will be getting the rest up as soon as I can), focusing on educating people about the cure for Hepatitis C, and some of the misconceptions about it.

A lot of the facts presented in this mini comic came from my mom, Robin Roth, who is a tireless advocate for Hep C treatment (and who had been bugging me to make a Hep C comic for quite some time!)

I tried to do something a little different in this one than in most of our other harm reduction comix by sprinkling the facts in more of a narrative structure, following two plucky protagonists through their misadventures and misunderstandings about Hep C. Hopefully this keeps the subject matter from getting too dry, while still managing to stay informative.

Oh yeah, so this one was written by me, with a lot of feedback from Robin, and then I drew the cover, 2nd and 7th pages, Audrey drew the 3rd and 6th pages, and Mikey drew the 4th, 5th and 8th pages.